Empty Folders Don't Count?

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Empty Folders Don't Count?

Postby Pete » Thu Nov 20, 2014 12:21 am

So I'm just starting to use winmerge to compare file structures between my active and backup documents folders and after backing up and getting an "Everything is identical" from winmerge, tried changing 4 different things in the file tree to see if it could catch them. It caught three of them (file moved, file deleted, folder moved) but for the last one, I created a new folder on the left side that was empty, but not present on the right side. It caught this difference and notated as such if I delved all the way into the tree to where it is, but did not notate this difference at the top of the tree like the other 3 differences did.


So the only way to see that this difference existed was for me to have known about it beforehand and specifically delve all the way into the directory structure in winmerge tree view mode to see the warning notice. Is this intentional? Is there an option to disable this ignorance? Are there other catch-22s like this in the winmerge software? I'd like to be very confident that it will catch ANY and ALL differences between directory structures as I've been burned so many times before by other methods and software having other similar odd / unexplainable / unmentioned exceptions to the rules one thought to be true. If this is just part of the software, or maybe directory structure comparison is not winmerge's strong suit: is there other software that anyone would recommend I use that is more tailored to this purpose? I'm on Windows 7 Pro 64bit (And sometimes Windows 8.1) Usually NTFS file systems. Thanks in advance.
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