Shellextensionx64 not working after unregister & register

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Shellextensionx64 not working after unregister & register

Postby mergency » Sat Jan 31, 2015 11:55 pm

Using WinMerge-2.14.0-exe.7z in Vista x64 home premium SP2.

Followed directions - here in 5) & 5.1) ... romArchive, on running unregister.bat (then reboot), then register.bat - for using shellextensionx64.dll.

Used elevated cmd prompt to run both .bat files.
Didn't get any cmd prompt error msgs, running unregister.bat or register.bat.

But, nothing shows up in Explorer context menu.

Before this 2.14.0-exe.7z, I had installer version 2.12.4 (I know - old).
I uninstalled it via Programs & Features, then rebooted, before doing the unregister / register steps, mentioned above.

Any suggestions on how to tell if Vista actually unregistered previous WinMerge shell (if there was anything), then registered the new dll?
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