Problem with large number of files

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Problem with large number of files

Postby ozimodo » Thu Feb 19, 2015 12:02 am

Hi, I have been stumped by an inconsistent issue with Winmerge not recognising identical files. After lots of troubleshooting (different PCs, drives, partition types) I have worked out that it has something to do with scanning large numbers of files in multiple subfolders.

For example, I have around 13,000 photos stored across 12 subfolders under a folder called 'photos'. I want to compare these photos to other photos scattered around various folders and disks to identify and eliminate duplicates. If I compare another file location with one of the subfolders under 'photos' Winmerge is successful at identifying identical files. However if I compare another file location with the folder 'photos' (and all subfolders) Winmerge finds all of the files but does not recognise when files are identical (it displays to lines for each unique file saying left only and right only).

I am running the latest version of Winmerge (I have tried earlier versions as well) on Win8.1 64 bit. Is this a known issue?

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