What does the red circle with the white X mean?

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What does the red circle with the white X mean?

Postby pluviosilla » Mon Sep 14, 2015 2:00 pm

I'm restoring files from a backup disk to an internal disk after a system crash in Windows 7. The internal disk ought to have the same files as the backup disk. Neither were corrupted. However, after the crash the new install of Windows 7 was not allowing me to assign icons to the folders of the internal disk. The only solution was to copy all the folders to new folders and delete the old. A GIANT HASSLE, and in the process some of the files did not copy because the length of the path was too long, so I'm using WinMerge to determine which files didn't get copied properly. I want to restore those files and THOSE FILES ONLY from the backup disk. I can just copy everything form the backup because its data is not as recent as the data on the internal disk. WinMerge is a HUGE HELP in detecting differences between the drives.

Only one problem. It keeps showing me some *.class files from a JBOSS installation with a red circle with a white cross. And it will not let me restore these files.

When I drill down into the folders and see the *.class files on both disks. They have the same size. But these warnings bother me.

What is the meaning of the red circle with the white cross?

Thanks for sharing your marvelous tool, WinMerge!!

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Re: What does the red circle with the white X mean?

Postby eddyq » Wed Feb 20, 2019 3:49 pm

The red circle with a white X means it is searching those files/folders. You can see the progress at the bottom of the screen. They don't change until all searches are done.
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