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Comparing Delphi Formularfiles

PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 7:18 am
by AWeber
we are useing WinMerge to Compare / Merge Delphi plaintext formularfiles - aka .dfm. Sometimes we have
old formulars saved with Delphi 5 - in ansi - in the current we are working with XE2 Unicode - were lot more characters
are encoded as hashtag "#"Code ...

For example would it be possible that WinMerge would compare these two lines as equal?

Old Delphi 5:
LabelText.Strings = (

Newer Delphi XE2:
LabelText.Strings = (

Any hints or ideas are welcome ?

with best regards

A. Weber

PS.: Please continue this great software it saved us allready a lot of time and trouble.