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Merge folders based on content

Postby jaccabee » Mon Feb 15, 2016 12:52 am

Hello Everyone,

Not sure if this is a silly question or plain impossible, but here goes:

I am currently comparing 2 directories (Folder a and Folder b)
Folder A contains the 'original data' in subfolders
Folder B has been messed around with, so it contains the original data, new data, and duplicated data too. Because folder B has been messed around, there are also duplicated subfolders but under a different name

To try and elaborate on this:
C:\Folder A\Data1 - This data1 folder contain the original data for the subfolder 'Data 1' - files include .jpeg, .pdf, .txt
C:\Folder B\Data1 C:\Folder B\Data101 C:\FolderB\Data 103 - These folders have different names, but they all contain data for the subfolder 'Data 1' - containing either the original documents, any newly added ones, duplicated items, or some may even be deleted.

What I would like to do is to merge the folders based on the content. So for example:
C:\Folder A\Data1 - has the unmodified data
C:\Folder B\Data101 AND C:\Folder B\Data 103 - has the modified data

What I would like to do is to merge the folder in Folder A into the folders in Folder B, hence replacing any deleted items in Folder B whilst retaining the modified documentation.

Does this make sense? The thing that throws me off is the different names, so the only way I'd be able to identify whether some of the folders are the modified version of the original would be to do a comparison with the content.
Whilst there is a method to do this individually, I was hoping to do it in bulk.

TDLR; Is there a way to merge 2 folders with different names based on content, and in bulk?

Let me know if further clarification is required, as I understand this is quite a confusing question.

Thank you in advance.

*Internal screaming* :shock:
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