Correct individual words within a line / sentance.

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Correct individual words within a line / sentance.

Postby Radir » Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:07 am

Newbie Question - and apologies if this is "common knowledge"

I would like to compare (lengthy) text files, and then choose to accept, or reject individual word differences.
Is this possible with Winmerge?

I am doing some historical research, and have access to OCR'd copies of old Newspapers - this OCR'd text is frequently incorrect.
Sometimes - there may have been multiple editions of the paper, each containing the same article.
I'm thinking that I may be able to improve the accuracy of my transcriptions by selecting one edition as "MASTER" and comparing the first edition to the second. Use Winmerge to update my "MASTER", and then compare this updated version to a second (and third and fourth etc.) edition.
Hopefully, each fresh comparison, will make my "MASTER" more accurate.
Obviously, there may be multiple differences within a single line of text, some of which I may wish to use to update the "MASTER" - others I may wish to reject.
So... is it possible to accept / reject individual words, from within a line... and how?
Winmerge *seems* to only want to update individual lines - which is useless (for me) as I would be substituting one set of errors for another.

If this IS possible - are there any online tutorials that detail the procedure?
If is NOT possible - I would welcome any recommendations for free software, that would do this?

Currently I am doing this manually, which is extremely tedious!
Spellcheckers / Word Processors are of limited use, because they frequently don't pick up OCR errors (cat/sat/hat/mat etc.)


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