comparing one folder name in multiple sub-locations

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comparing one folder name in multiple sub-locations

Postby DisAndDat » Mon Jul 18, 2016 6:23 pm

Hello, all. I am a newbie to regular expressions and to WinMerge, and am struggling with folder comparisons.

I have a folder structure something like this, with folders named "_Archive", which can appear anywhere in the structure:

<root>\folderA\sub1\_Archive\sub2\sub3\sub4\numerous files
<root>\folderA\numerous files
<root>\folderB\_Archive\numerous files
<root>\folderC\folderD\_Archive\numerous files
<root>\folderE\folderF\numerous files

I am comparing <root> in two locations, but only want to include all folders named "_Archive" and their contents (subdirectories and files.) I tried several things, but none worked; they all skipped everything, and did not compare anything.

My WinMerge comparison looks like this, with the checkbox for Subfolders checked:
Left: C:\Users\DisAndDat\Documents\myRootDir\
Right: K:\DisAndDat\myRootDir\

One sample of my code, which is in a file named C:\Users\DisAndDat\Documents\_Archive1.flt:

name: _Archive1
desc: Only the Archive folders
def: exclude
f: ^\\_Archive\\ ## Filter for directory

In the Filters dialog box, I installed my .flt file from my user directory, and then selected this filter.

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong, please? Thank you!
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