How to extract identical and no identical files?

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How to extract identical and no identical files?

Postby Colinmazer » Fri Sep 02, 2016 10:34 am


I work under Windows 7 Pro by using Winmerge.
My purpose is to treat (move, copy, to cut, to delete) towards another file the set of the not identical files compared in 2 files.
Certainly, with Winmerge, he is possible, after comparison of 2 files, of: - list the identical files - To list the not identical files but Winmerge can only delete or move, of a file compared towards another compared file, either these identical files, or these not identical files

I would wish extract in another file its identical files or the not identical files.
ThenI look for a technique on Winmerge to realize this wish.

Thank you for your help
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