Compare Folders by simular files

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Compare Folders by simular files

Postby Robert H. Snow » Sat Nov 12, 2016 7:28 am

Is there a way to search a hard drive resulting in a list of folders, alpha order. Resulting in some type of comparison of files within the folders. I know it can be done but have not found a program.
It would be similar to a Flat View, folders would be listed, Tree.
Folder: Permit

Folder: Permits

Comparing files in the 2 directories:
Folder: Permits would be 50% when compared to Folder: Permit

By doing this I would have the ability to find the strongest similar folders. Problem in the past I would be deleting folders that might have key files. So bottom line is having a list of similar Named Folders displaying how many duplicates are in the folders, names of duplicates or whatever other info might help control deletes. Using a filter might also be of value.
Robert H. Snow
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