Folder compare-line count comparison field ?

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Folder compare-line count comparison field ?

Postby alectron » Sun Dec 11, 2016 4:34 am

one big use case for me for winMerge is mass comparing m3u based music playlists. These fluctuate by nature (i.e. files inside them might change location, name etc over time) but, since I use them for archival purposes (radio & live shows), a lot of them never change in line count.
I have not found this in WinMerge unfortunately, so I thought I'd ask (there's also a few threads asking about line-count comparisons, but none with conclusive answers):
a) does this feature exist ?
b) if not, and since there is a few people showing interest in this - any chance to have this implemented ?
c) and I've just looked at winMerge3... and seeing this looks pretty dead... chances probably are there's no one actively developing WinMerge2 anymore either ? In which case, and there's still people on here - can anyone else think of a compare tool that parses folder/file structures and has a line-count comparison column in its' results ?

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