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Simply merge all

Postby dryphi » Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:19 pm

Hi, I am using WinMerge to compare two folders (as it is designed to do). But what I would really like to do is simply copy all Right -> Left.

It seems that when I copied an extensive network folder (install folder for a program) to my local computer using Microsoft Explorer, not all files and folders copied. I guess leave it to MS to screw up something simple like this, haha. So now I am using WinMerge to find the remaining files and folders and copy them over. This does not seem to be an easy task however. I have to sort through the tree and find all instances of differences and copy them manually. It seems like when I copy a folder then I still have to expand that folder and select all items within it that are also different.

Anyway, computers are very good at doing laborious things such as this, and IMO this program should simply do this for me.

Is there a simple "COPY ALL" (or similar) button to just make one folder (recursively) identical to another?

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