All new to me. Just need to merge 2 files

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All new to me. Just need to merge 2 files

Postby stefuel » Sun May 06, 2018 3:23 pm

I have 2 Dune media servers for playback of movies saved to a NAS. They are controlled by a program called yaDIS. This generates a on screen interface from which you select the movie you wish to watch and press enter The folder where this interface resides is on a thumb drive plugged into each Dune. yaDIS can only export to one. I need the exact same information on the second one. The export goes here \\\usb_storage_c098_5ece\yadis (the first Dune) I'd like to send the same info to this \\\usb_storage_Be9a_9563\yaDIS (the second Dune). Sounds like it should be simple enough to do but I'm all thumbs with this kind of stuff. Will this work and in a nutshell, how would I set it up? Thanks,
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