Check exact file differences

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Check exact file differences

Postby Peter213 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 4:42 pm

A couple of years ago when Microsoft were changing all operating systems to look like Windows 10 I was using Win XP. Some of the upgrades caused Win XP to crash and at the same time some files were corrupted.

I've kept several backups from that period and I've just started to check my archive of photographs to see if any have been damaged.

I've started by using Beyond Compare which has done a fantastic job of comparing two nominally identical folders and finding files with the same filename but which are not identical.

The problem I'm having is finding what the difference is. The filenames and main attributes are the same and both can be opened in photoshop with the same looking image.

So here is my question, given that I have two files that have some fairly small but possibly significant difference, can Winmerge identify that difference for me even if it is in the binary data of the body of the file.

And secondly if not Winmerge can anybody suggest another utility.

Many thanks in advance

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