Children of a Unique Folder

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Children of a Unique Folder

Postby mneimeyer » Tue Jul 28, 2009 1:44 pm

This bulletin board search thinks "folder" is too common a word... so I've looked manually, and while I might have missed it, I didn't see this being discussed...

Is there an option I missed in the current version that will hide the children of unique folders? If not how do I request such a feature? Is posting this sufficient?

For example... If I have a structure as below I used to see "a" as left only but that was it. Now, in addition to "a" as left unique, I also see 1 and 2 as left unique...

Left Right
b\3 b\3
c\4 c\4

All of our developers have a "product upgrader" system on their desktop, the upgrader is maybe 10 files, but when you add in that Bob has Project X in there, and I have Project Y in mine suddenly you add 1000+ left unique items and 1000+ right unique items when before you'd see 12 items. The 10 core files, a left unique Project X folder and a right unique Project Y folder. I know in some cases filters might help but this is just a "worst case" for us.


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