What is Winmerge telling me?

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What is Winmerge telling me?

Postby athegn » Thu Sep 27, 2018 2:20 pm

I took the 128G micro SD card out of my phone and used Windows 10 Explorer, in the PCs SD card slot, to copy the whole contents to a partition(H) on my 4TB Sata hard drive.

When I use Windows Explorer to give me Properties of the SD card is shows Used space 118,902,226,944 bytes and Free space 8,956,411,904 bytes. Whereas (H) is only 53.1GB used.

I looked in Windows 10 Explorer and could not see any differences when open a few files. However Properties on the largest SD card folder showed 88.2GB whereas on the H drive it shows 37.0 GB.

I installed Winmerge and ran that. Not sure what it is telling me.

All files in one folder say "Left only: N:\Music\Ahmad Jamal - Blue Moon"

However if I look at this folder in Windows Explorer both the SD Card (N) and partition (H) show the same sizes for all files in that folder.

Is this a case of Windows 10 mis-reporting in "Properties" and Winmerge being fooled by the same "error"?

Any advice please?
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