How can I tell which file WinMerge is currently comparing?

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How can I tell which file WinMerge is currently comparing?

Postby ChiefEngr » Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:45 pm

An alternate title for this question might be "how can I tell which file WinMerge is reporting a problem about?"

I have two large directories (~10k files each) that I am comparing to identify the differences. Someplace during the compare, an error dialog box pops saying that a "malformed XML error was found in this file" but it doesn't tell me which file. I can continue at that point and it finished running the compare to completion. It never tells me what file is malformed.

I suppose I could narrow the scope of the compare down to subdirectories and down into sub-subdirectories ad-nauseum until I narrow in on where the trouble maker might be, but maybe there is an easier way?

Could I turn on some sort of logging that would spit this stuff to some progress file that I could then examine to find when the error is occurring?

Anyone know of a good [free] XML syntax checker that will recursively check an entire file branch, ignoring files that aren't XML?

Any thoughts, tips, suggestions, or pointers you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.
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