how to exclude Thumbs.db?

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how to exclude Thumbs.db?

Postby pedro » Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:49 pm

I copied FileFilter.tmpl to Thumbs.flt and changed the text:
Code: Select all
## This is a directory/file filter template for WinMerge
name: Thumbs
desc: exclude Thumbs.db

## Select if filter is inclusive or exclusive
## Inclusive (loose) filter lets through all items not matching rules
## Exclusive filter lets through only items that match to rule
## include or exclude
def: include

## Filters for filenames begin with f:
## Filters for directories begin with d:
## (Inline comments begin with " ##" and extend to the end of the line)

f: ^\\Thumbs.db ## Filter for filename .

and added the filter to WinMerge. (when I use Tools -> Filters, I can see my new filter in the list)

But after a scan, I still see 'Folders are different' and 'Left only: E:\abc\subfolder1' messages.

My search is in E:\abc folder, so perhaps I am not specifying that subfolders should be included. How to exclude all Thumb.db files from any subfolder?
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Re: how to exclude Thumbs.db?

Postby MattRoy » Thu Apr 11, 2019 7:18 pm

You have to do:

Code: Select all
f: thumbs.db ## Exclude thumbnails files.
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