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WinMerge issue

Postby digitalwarfare » Sat Oct 19, 2019 10:05 am

I have used WinMerge for several months now and had no issues with it, until today.

I use WinMerge primarily to compare .dlls

These .dlls are not encrypted, and for several months I was able to read the .dll contents and check the code comparison and make adjustments. But this week, inexplicably, WinMerge is now outputting strange characters which I cannot read.

I have attempted to copy and paste the outputs seen in the picture below, but when pasting them into an empty .txt document all it pastes is "MZ". That's it. Two letters, nothing else.


The above picture is what I have been experiencing. This never used to occur. The only thing that's changed since I last used it was a windows update.
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