Ignoring everything but contents of dll files

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Ignoring everything but contents of dll files

Postby chadley78 » Fri Dec 18, 2009 10:25 am

I'll explain the problem i have with winmerge and maybe someone can suggest a course of action...

I have 2 installers, the only 'real' difference being a few lines of code within a single dll (Note: I unpack these for comparison using UniExtract).
I'd like Winmerge to confirm that the only difference between the 2 installers is this one dll.
Instead it either a) lists nearly everything as being different due to date differences when using the default quick contents scan or b) doesn't find any differences if i just use a size only scan.

Ideally i could do a full or quick contents scan but ignore any date comparisons entirely. Can't see an option for this though.

Any suggestions?
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