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Carrying a changed section within a line

PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:06 am
by NeilS
(Great app, but..) I was surprised that WinMerge doesn't fully support transferring over a section of a line.

It's so close -- within the current block of lines that are different, F4 beautifully steps through the individual differences, but there is no key or button to bring just that change over to the other file.

My request is a bit related to ... ests/1290/ which requests that granularity go down to individual lines within a diff block. I am asking for even more granularity: individual sections of a line within a diff block. Again, the program is identifying the diffs (F4) but does not help the user carry them over.

Again: great program and thanks.

P.S. I'm confused by the existence of semi-active forums at both &, and no clear instruction to use one or the other, so I'm posting in both places, and I hope this does not ruffle anyone's feathers.