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Winmerge CompareTo Contextmenu

Postby Prutpan » Wed Mar 11, 2020 4:02 pm


I tried to ensure that when i save a comparrison and opened it again from the explorer it would run as admin. This way I could directly change the files(in the comparison) in winmerge.
When I now open .winmerge files it prompts me to run winmerge as admin. This is what I wanted to achieve. But now my CompareTo and Compare Contextmenu buttons don't work anymore.... :( Absolutely nothing happens when i use the buttons.

I achieved that winmerge is runned as admin by changing some things in Regedit. This was more then a month ago and I dont exactly know anymore what i did and where in regedit.. Not very smart I agree and I will never change the registry again this way.

Can anybody help me to get the contextmenu buttons working again?

Greetings Prutpan :D
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