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Feature requests / Suggestions for improvement & misc ?s

Postby vertigo » Tue Apr 21, 2020 4:00 am

1) Options > Compare > Folder > "Include unique subfolders contents" isn't explained anywhere. The help file simply says "TBD" and a web search as well as a search of these forums comes up with nothing. I would think most people would want it enabled, and that I certainly would, but I have no idea since I can only guess as to its purpose.

2) Options > Compare > Folder > "Quick compare limit" -- Help file says disabled by default, but there's no enabled/disabled state of it, just the amount, which is set by default at 4MB, which is very low. Similarly, the binary compare limit is set to a very low limit of only 64MB, and the manual doesn't say anything about it ("TBD"). So it appears to me that WinMerge defaults to a disturbingly low threshold for considering files to be identical. I also wonder if this is why it always crashes when I try to do comparisons on large video files. It's also not clear what the difference is between them. Due to the lack of information about them and the fact the defaults seem to make WinMerge worse than useless, but potentially catastrophic by determining files to be identical which are, in fact, not, I've set both to 65536, though I have no idea if that's going to cause other issues. Then again, this post seems to contradict the help file, so I really have no idea what's going on with these settings.

3) The message that often comes up when doing a comparison regarding different carriage return types isn't informative enough to be helpful. I never know which option I should choose, or if I should always use the same one, so I always have to uncheck the box to always do what I choose and check one way, then recheck the other way. So it really should provide more guidance and, assuming the same method shouldn't always be used (and if it should, why not just default to that), the checkbox to always use it should default to unchecked, so it doesn't have to be unchecked every time.

4) There should be an option to add an additional delete submenu in the context menu to delete permanently, so the user can right-click and go to Delete... or Delete Permanently..., which would bypass the recycle bin.

5) The Copy submenu in the context menu has options to both copy left/right to right/left and to ... (another location), but the move submenu only has options to move to ..., not to move to the other "side."

6) Undo should be able to undo deletions (and copies/moves if it can't already).

7) When the advanced shell integration/context menu is enabled, the menu entries should say "WinMerge - Compare To/..." or "compare To/... (WinMerge)" to help identify them. It's odd that the program's name was removed from them when it's used in the "basic" menu.

8) When doing a three-way comparison, if two of the three are identical, it doesn't provide any indication of that. And if the user suspects that to be the case and wants to compare just those two, if they're the second and the third folders/files, you can't simply remove the first one and rerun the comparison. You have to remove it, then either swap 1 & 2 then 2 & 3 or swap 1 & 3. It should be able to just ignore 1, since it's blank, and compare 2 & 3. And, of course, it should inform the user that 2 & 3 (or 1 & 3 or 1 & 2) are identical in the first place.
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