Similar file error? (If file name or subdirectory different)

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Similar file error? (If file name or subdirectory different)

Postby just_bri » Fri May 08, 2020 6:17 am


I have version 2.16 of WinMerge, and I can't get it to work with similar text files (i.e., text files that are duplicates EXCEPT for a few words/sentences. So they're a 40% match at least.)

WinMerge won't find similar text files IF the following happens:

1) Files have different names
Files named Doc1.txt and File001.txt will NOT be matched...even if there's only a ONE word difference!

2) One file is in a subdirectory:
Let's say I selected C:/Me and C:/You as my search folders. But if a similar file is in C:/You/folder2, it won't show in the results. I've checked the "include subdirectories" options, and it still doesn't work.

Am I not choosing the right options? Do I need to reinstall WinMerge? Is there a filter I need to create or find? Please help.
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