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Three-way comparison: need help doc and more compares

PostPosted: Tue Jun 02, 2020 7:55 pm
by jasmith4b
HELP REQUEST: Now that WInMerge does 3-way comparison, could someone please document anything about it in the help? The only occurrence of the word "middle" in all the help (1.7.1) is the page on command line switches.

For any file entry in a 3-folder-comparison result:
  • If just one of the three files is missing, it's simply marked as missing (in Comparison Result and Short Result); the other two should be fully compared.
  • If all three files are present, there should be three full comparisons: L-M, M-R and L-R, with all results displayed: diffs, ignored, etc.
That is, after invoking a 3-folder comparison, all possible file-by-file-by-file comparisons should be done automatically, just like a two-folder comparison, not one by one by double-clicking each entry.