Up or Back as I update files

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Up or Back as I update files

Postby grlassin » Tue Sep 15, 2020 10:20 pm

I have restarted backups of my laptop multiple times and have two backup drives. Over time, I have amassed too many duplicates and want to pare down to a single full backup in a single folder structure. I just started using Win Merge to compare 2 - 3 folder structures at a time and it is superb. I've found myself digging down into a folder that is different to see what exactly is not the same and then merging to correct. I do not see any way to go "back" or "up" to get back to where the original list of compared folders are. Is there such a way? Or should I never dig down into a folder, just keep merging those that are not the same and then when done run a compare to confirm before deleting one of the now duplicated or merged folder structures?
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