Do not copy skipped files with folder

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Do not copy skipped files with folder

Postby nicholasjamesu » Wed Nov 10, 2010 8:20 pm

Hello all! First time here. Pleased to meet you.

I just recently began using WinMerge (like yesterday) and love the power, speed, and customizability (yes, I made that word up).

One annoyance I've found is skipped files that get copied when I copy a new folder. Let me explain:

We have a central server where all projects are stored. Everyone who works on that project works out of that folder. I've been using WinMerge to compare my local copy of the files to what is currently in the server. I have a File Filter that excludes the temp files, auto-save files, and other unimportant files and directories so that I don't slowly fill my PC with bloat. However, sometimes a new folder will be created with multiple files I need, and I've discovered that if I do a "Copy to Left" on that folder, it copies all files, even those my File Filter skipped. I know I can select a swatch of the individual files I know I want to copy, but it would save me a lot of sorting work if I could just copy the folder, knowing only the Filtered files would be included.

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