Recursive Comparison Not Working

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Recursive Comparison Not Working

Postby brohken » Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:45 am

Hi folks. Appreciate any help in advance. So basically this is what's happening:

I do File > Open...

Select two different folders:
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Make sure that Include Subfolders is checked.

The folder \Layo & Bushwacka @ Bed Supperclub (Bangkok 2009)\ lives here:
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C:\Users\Mike\Downloads\Music\Layo & Bushwacka @ Bed Supperclub (Bangkok 2009)\
C:\Users\Mike\Desktop\test\Layo & Bushwacka @ Bed Supperclub (Bangkok 2009)\

WinMerge doesn't match these up, even though they are identical. Just to make sure, I selected these folders for comparison and WinMerged works properly:
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I'm looking to use WinMerge on 2 folders with lots of sub folders and want to make sure I'm doing this properly so I don't miss any files. What gives?
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