Any way to diagnose WinMerge crashing/closing when started?

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Any way to diagnose WinMerge crashing/closing when started?

Postby tlhobbes » Tue Jan 18, 2011 5:53 pm

WinMerge works normally most of the time for me but sometimes when it is run the WinMerge window doesn't show at all because the process terminates before anything is rendered.

I can see the WinMergeU.exe process has started in Windows Task Manager but then it terminates with no output or error message within a second or two.

Anyways, I'm less concerned about the specific problem that is happening and more concerend about knowing how to diagnose what is happening when this occurs. Is there any way to enable WinMerge to log errors to disk? Is there any other method anyone can think of for getting useful information of WinMerge's apparent crash/issue?

FYI, I have had this same ill behavior of WinMerge happen in the past with older versions of WinMerge on several different machines (all running Windows XP I believe).

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