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Docs error

Postby snorkelman » Mon Mar 07, 2011 3:26 pm

Sanity check please?

In the documentation page titled "Using Filters", section 2.3 has the following text under the bolded word "exclude"

When you choose the exclude method, you must also add a d (directory) rule that specifies the subfolders. It's usually a good idea to specify all subfolders, like this:

d: \\*$ ## Subfolders

The regular expression shown does not do what the author meant for it to do. Instead of selecting all subfolders, it matches all folders whose names consist of a string of backslashes. It should be:

d: \\.*$ ## Subfolders

I found that in trying to get a simple exclude filter to work, using the recommended expression as the only one didn't include any folders. Changing it to the one I listed included all folders, which seems to be what the docs intend.

This observation comes after using filters for about ten minutes, so I didn't file a bug on it. It seems like such an obvious goof that I'm suspicious of my own understanding.

Am I on target or missing the point?

- Mark
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