Removing source items after moving completely?

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Removing source items after moving completely?

Postby dirki-boy » Fri Jul 01, 2011 12:04 pm

When I move files with Winmerge (after a comparison) does Winmerge delete the moved files / folders after all files / folders are moved completely (I do not suppose it, because Winmerge seems to use the operating system's copy / move option)?

I would like to let Winmerge remove the source files of the moved files after they all are moved completely (respectively at first copy the files and after the process is completed, remove the source files / folders), because when moving many files (e.g. 500 GB) in one step (during some hours) and an error occurs (e.g. the akku of the notebook becomes empty) I am afraid some files might be lost / get corrupted otherwise.
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