shows "identical" even with read errors

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shows "identical" even with read errors

Postby valeriovanni » Sat Jul 30, 2011 4:38 am

Some day ago I compared a folder with another, supposed to be identical.
They were both on smb shares.

The folder has two folders inside, one with 3000 files and the other with 1700. They are midifiles, 50Kb on average.
The setting on WinMerge ( was a full content comparison. I'm not sure if I'm reporting the exact names because I use the italian version.

The comparison ended up showing the two folders "identical" (in tree mode). But I noticed that the comparison had taken too little time than usual and I expanded the folders to look inside.

A disaster... there were some files detected "identical", but below a certain point they were all in a strange state, it seemed that they were not readable. The icon at the left of the files was a symbol of error (white cross on red circle).
The cause of the problema was, probably, on the network. The wireless connection had low signal and also some ping was failing.
A copy & paste of the folder over the network was, however, possible. Slow but without errors, and once get on the local machine the comparison was ok.

Today I've fixed the wi-fi problem and now the two folders show identical also comparing directly over the network.
I understand that the software can have troubles for a weak network connection, the thing that makes me worried is that it does not say it clearly in the overall status of folders.

The two folders, in tree mode, were shown as "identical". I looked inside casually, only because of the short time taken for the comparison.
In a case like this I expect that the softare marks the overall status of the folders as "failed" "errors" "not readable" or something similar so that one can go inside and doesn't get any illusion that the comparison was successful.
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