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Merge Nested Files?

Postby wchp » Sun Feb 15, 2009 5:05 pm

I am looking for an easy way out.
I keep everything. A pack rat if you will. I have every picture I have ever taken since 1997 + another 50K plus slides of my grandfathers I have scanned in. Over the years I kept using local drives in Raid1, then moved to a MediaVault, then a ReadyNAS Duo and now finally to a ReadyNAS Pro which I am running in X-Raid 2 Dual Redundancy mode. The downside to all of this is I always just created a new folder and copied all my data to the next machine which often resulted in duplicate data sets. Sometimes this even includes something along the lines of \\ReadyNAS\Media\Music\iTunes\xxx.mp3 and then another dir of \\ReadyNAS\Media\Music\iTunes\iTunes\xxx.mp3 (I have nested duplicate data/files/directories) :oops:
I am unable to figure out how to set up WinMerge to do this. It would work if they were separate directories or if I could exclude the nested dir from one side of the compare I would be all set, but this option does seem exist.
C:\Data\1.mpg, 2.mpg, 4.mpg
C:\Data\Data\1.mpg, 2.mpg, 3.mpg, 5.mpg
compare and merge to:
C:\Data\1.mpg, 2.mpg, 3.mpg, 4.mpg, 5.mpg
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