Does winmerge allow manual sync reference->files difference

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Does winmerge allow manual sync reference->files difference

Postby mrmoonlight1 » Mon Feb 23, 2009 9:10 pm

I have used in the past some comercial software that does a file difference and there is one very usefull feature i cannot find in winmerge:

In some situations, while making differences of 2 files, there could be a part of the file that got a major change between the same file in 2 branches that both got bug fix and needed to merge the bug fixes in both files. In this situation winmerge can have problem to sync both files to show the difference and help merging the difference (it may show a file difference with this section completly unsync from both files: empty lines in other side of the difference panel). With other commercial application i have seen, user can manually define a line in each file to compare where the program should expect sync between this two lines. This help a lot when merging and editing the differences between both files by aligning some sections in both windows that are really different (but with small part in common). Without this feature, it is almost impossible to align text in both file and merge the difference in both files without loosing the text in one of the file. Beyond compare is a commercial application that has this kind of manual sync feature.

Is there something similar in winmerge?
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