Specific build instructions for winmerge 2_14

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Specific build instructions for winmerge 2_14

Postby thistleknot » Sun Aug 10, 2014 3:47 pm

I went through the long process of trying to download, and build winmerge 2_14 and I figured I'd post my process here...

winmerge build instructions

Need to build each of the external tools first (or download them and manually plug their pre-built versions in).

[before I figured how to build the libraries, I had a pre-configured build.zip folder that worked for me by googling for the .lib files, I had to rename pcr to a non debug build though]

This section describes building the individual libraries:

BE SURE TO BUILD EACH AS A RELEASE VS DEBUG otherwise you'll need their debug dll's at the end to run the compiled app.

Do so by...

Highlighting Solution

Build Menu

Configuration Manager

Under: Active Solution Configuration, choose: Release, or UnicodeRelease (when doing the final project)

depending on what type of build it was, it will append name changes to the .lib files that so far, I was able to merely rename when a build failed asking for a pcre_d.lib vs a pcre_ud.lib.

Supplied in the externals folder is source for:

Expat: 2.0.1
can build

PCRE: 8.10
Build just pcre.vcproj

Outputs to ..\Release\win32\

copy just the .lib files to ..\build\ of root winmerge project folder

needed cmake

c:\program files\Cmake 2.8\


No need to troubleshoot the error: CMake Error: The source directory...

Just try to build pcre.vcproj

SCEW: 1.1.2
can build

Then each .lib file has to be copied to \build\<name of package>\lib

These .lib files get output to ..\Build under subfolders

but it's your job to ensure they are copied to ..\build

Then you can build final solution using Visual Studio 2008 (Non Express, due to MFC/AFX libraries)
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