Updating release compiler to VS2005

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Updating release compiler to VS2005

Postby kimmov » Mon May 25, 2009 5:05 pm

I've said in past (thread Upgrading release compiler to VS2008) that I don't yet want to update our runtimes or release compiler. But it seems I have no choice at the moment but to update to VS2005.

The reason is as simple as I must be able to build releases in another computer which has Vista installed. I cannot install VS2003 (doesn't work with Vista) to that computer. So I must use VS2005. I was hoping we could jump directly to VS2008 later but that is not possible now.

What this means in practice:
  • project- and solution-files are not updated to VS2005 - it must be possible to compile WinMerge with VS2003 still.
  • trunk must compile with VS2005.
  • I don't add VS2005 runtimes to SVN, I just remove VS2003 runtimes. Runtimes come with VS installation so we don't need to distribute them.
VS2003 won't be deprecated. But I personally will only do some random checks that WinMerge still compiles. So unless people still using VS2003 don't submit bug reports about compile problems this leads to VS2003 deprecation later. I simply don't have time to check several compilers.

This is also end of support for the VC6. I cannot install VC6 myself anymore. And I think I've seen one bug report in past 10 months about V6 compile. Obviously people don't care about VC6 anymore. Which is good.

VS2005 brings some changes to the C++ compiler, fixing bugs and improving standards support. Obviously there are no compile problems. But the build is quite noisy. And considering VC6 is not supported we can update some code. For runtimes there are now manifest files required which means some changes to installer and other scripts. I'll be working with these in following days. So next experimental should have VS2005 runtimes.
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