Splitting code to backend lib and GUI

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Splitting code to backend lib and GUI

Postby kimmov » Sun Jul 05, 2009 4:44 pm

As mentioned numerous time one goal we have is to remove MFC dependency from non-GUI code. We've been doing a lot of work for this goal in past couple of years and have cleaned lots of code. One side-effect of this has been that we basically have now two configurations for files to compile:
  • MFC code using precompiled headers
  • non-MFC code not using precompiled headers
inside one project. That is pretty suboptimal situation and easily cause compilation problems and other confusion. For example it is not easy to see which code used MFC and which has been cleaned already.

So I think its time to create own module/library for this non-GUI code. I have no good ideas for name but I think we could call it simply core. Comparing, file handling and filters are the core of WinMerge. And brings also the very important rule no MFC in WinMerge core code. There are still some files to convert, like CDiffContext, DiffThread etc. And cleaning these requires removing the plugins code from them.

I'll start doing this after creating the 2.14 release branch in couple of weeks.
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Re: Splitting code to backend lib and GUI

Postby gerundt » Mon Jul 06, 2009 5:46 am

I had suggested Core too! :)

Other names could be Engine or Base...
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