Implementing pass line number to external editor

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Implementing pass line number to external editor

Postby DavidMaisonave » Sun Mar 18, 2018 6:49 am

I'm looking in to implementing WinMerge code to support the request in the following link: ... uests/1099

I want to design it so that when the user double clicks a line number (in WinMerge), WinMerge will send a command line that will cause the user's editor to jump to the file line number.
Example command lines:
*[For NotePad++]
notepad++.exe FILE_PATH -nFILE_LINE

*[For Visual Studio.]
devenv /edit FILE_PATH /command "edit.goto FILE_LINE"

Before writing the code, I want to make sure that this hasn't been tried or done before, and that there's no objections to adding this functionality. The original request is 9 years old, and so I would be surprise if no one has tried implementing it.

Does any one see any problems or have objections to adding this feature?
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