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Website: "WinMerge need your help!" text

Postby gerundt » Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:10 am

What do you think about the following text for the "WinMerge need your help" info at

In the head of all pages:
WinMerge need your help!
We search for new developers and other helping hands to make WinMerge fit for the future. Read more about our plans and thoughts.

Detail page to which all headers link:
Here are some plans and thoughts about the future from WinMerge:

GUI improvements
Working on GUI improvements. WinMerge is about GUI! If people don't need/want GUI they use command line tools like diff and patch.

Cross-platform support
We need to support Linux and Mac.

Simplify WinMerge
Take a critical look to our features and code and drop useless/niche features nobody cares/uses.
Try to make WinMerge smaller and easier instead of bigger and more complex.

Native 64-bit support
We should support native 64-bit versions from WinMerge.

Centralize developer docs
Currently is the developer documentation spread out over many places and formats.

If you want to help us, get the source code and look at the Development Wiki about more WinMerge details.
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Re: Website: "WinMerge need your help!" text

Postby kimmov » Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:40 pm

Agreed about the principle. But I think that 'plans' part should be discussed in more detail first. We need some commitment first from current developers before we can reach out for new people. New people alone can't do these things.
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