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Re: Really worried about trunk development!

Postby jtuc » Wed Jun 16, 2010 5:39 am

matthias1955 wrote:what was not to understand?

Well, at least it became easier the more I got used to the way you put words together. But I probably have a better understanding of German grammar than Kimmo has.
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Re: Better download numbers

Postby kimmov » Wed Jun 16, 2010 6:30 pm

gerundt wrote:Currently shows WinMerge-2.13.12-Setup.exe as main download at the project home page. Since 2010-04-29 have already 10,571 downloads from the file! Normally we have +-2500 for all files of a experimental build. So this must be the most tested experimental version we ever had! :mrgreen:

GRRR! :evil:

This might be my human error - I might have chosen that file as default for Windows. But I thought it is for selecting default file for the specific release. Not overall the default from all releases. The new file upload interface is such mess that it is hard to figure out what affects where. The old interface was awful but at least the logic was pretty clear.

I've now selected the latest stable release as recommended release again. And I hope I remember this thing when I'm creating new release.

Thanks for pointing out that wrong setting!
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