Version numbering changes in 2.13/2.14

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Version numbering changes in 2.13/2.14

Postby kimmov » Sun Dec 21, 2008 1:37 pm

This was discussed and decided on developers-mailing list few months ago.

Now when 2.13/2.14 development begins we change our versioning number for experimental releases. We don't anymore use fourth number as "experimental version number". But we use three version numbers like with stable and beta releases.

There were several reasons for this:
  • some tools don't handle four version numbers very good
  • some web sites can't handle four version numbers properly
  • users have been confused about four version numbers (I've seen lots of wrongly written version numbers, many times in bug reports too

So for now on we use three version numbers. First two version numbers in experimentals are always the "series" (2.3, 2.5 etc). Third number is increasing by one for every experimental release. (2.13.1, 2.13.2, 2.13.3) etc. For beta releases we may use 'tens' as third version number (2.13.10, 2.13.20). But that is still a bit unclear as it seems we'll may just stop doing beta releases during development cycle.

This change does not affect 2.10.x or 2.12.x.
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