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Bazaar, Git and Mercurial in

Postby kimmov » Wed Mar 11, 2009 8:26 pm

There are now three new version control systems available in
I don't see immediate reason or hurry to switch from Subversion. But now it is also a real possibility. And using a modern DVCS for WinMerge development sounds very intriguing.

There are some issues to consider:
  • Windows support in GUI. GUIs are being developed but they are still far from TortoiseSVN.
  • Branching. Bazaar doesn't really support branches in one repository and Mercurial's support is a bit limited
  • Speed. Compared to Subversion these are speed daemons.
  • Authentication. These tools require using SSH for authentication.
I won't compare these tools (here). There are plenty of comparisons available. My personal favorite of these three is Mercurial. But I can use Git as well.

There are also great other version control services outside Sourceforge: github offering Git and Bitbucket offering Mercurial hosting.
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