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Directory/File Filters

PostPosted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 3:41 am
by bertsirkin
I can't quite figures out how the file filters work. I see that there is a text file with "f:" and "d:" lines that define file and directory filters. But some have a single backslash (e.g., f: \.dll$) and other have a double-back-slash (e.g., f: \\.dll$) - what's the difference?

I'm trying to ONLY include image files in my compare (jpg, gif, etc.) and ignore all other files. I want to include ALL folders but EXCLUDE certain folders. Is this doable?

A simplistic example might look like this:

##files to include (JPG and GIF)
f: \\.jpg$
f: \\.gif$
##include ALL folders by the "FOLDERX" folder:
d: \\*$
d: \\.folderx$

Any suggestions on how I could do this?