Mark or Remove folders with no changes

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Mark or Remove folders with no changes

Postby b-morgan » Fri Dec 20, 2019 2:30 pm

I have deselected Show Identical Items. When I compare two folders with a number of subfolders within subfolders, navigating into a subfolder will give me a list of folders at that level, but there is no indication which, if any, of those folders has files that are different. I have to navigate into each of the listed folders to see if there are differences.

IMO, the ideal solution would be to (recursively) remove subfolders whose files are identical when Show Identical Items is deselected. An acceptable solution would be an indicator of some sort that appears when there are actual file differences in that subfolder.

If there is already an option to make WinMerge behave this way, I can't find it.
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