How are Images e.g. JPG actually compared?

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How are Images e.g. JPG actually compared?

Postby Barney » Mon Apr 06, 2020 5:38 pm

I upgraded my version from 2.14 to 2.16 when I saw that the newer version supports image file comparisons, Thanks! Other than the listing of the image formats supported, I don't see indication, from the UI, that an Image comparison is any different that Full Content comparisons on other file types. I can certainly put together some test folders of various images to dig into details, such as the response to file content or attribute differences... but I'm cutting to the chase, as I can't find much in your Help, Forums, or web search. Do I need to select Binary comparison, for example? Or does the comparison auto-magically recognize files with image extensions, and compares them differently that other file types, e.g. text or non-lossy-compressed files? If so, is it done with a plugin? (I don't see an "image" plugin...) I have seen the forum post on image plugins made available by a developer - So does that need to be downloaded and installed?

In my case specifically, there are no identical files, simply many overlapping files that differ by name and by JPG compression file size. So, is the Image comparison able to recognize the similarities, in some way I have not found yet??

Thanks so much for any Help! - Barney
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