Compare Dates and Filter

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Compare Dates and Filter

Postby SkinTL » Thu May 14, 2020 1:39 pm

I recently did a storage migration and we have several million files, about 700 of which didn't make the transition. I've tried to write some PowerShell scripts to compare the dates between the old server and the new so that I could filter out just the files that I care about but there are just too many files and it chokes. I thought WinMerge would be a handy solution but I need a way to filter the results such that I won't see the results where the stuff on the right is older than the stuff on the left. I skimmed through the manual but didn't see anything obvious about how to do it.

1) Did I miss the instructions on how to do that in the manual?
2) If it requires regular expressions, can anyone please help with that? I'm painfully bad at regular expressions.

Any help that folks can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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