Proposed help format/build scripts for WinMerge3

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Proposed help format/build scripts for WinMerge3

Postby denisbradford » Tue Jan 11, 2011 1:39 pm

Hi WinMerge devos,

With WinMerge 3, CHM is no longer the obvious choice for online help, at least for non-Windows installs. BAT files are similarly limited for building help. I've been looking at cross-platform solutions.

For help, there's a new DocBook help output WebHelp (not to be confused with the old proprietary WebHelp from eHelp). For a working demo check out ... /ch01.html

I think it would do nicely for WinMerge:

  • Has these help features:
    • Full text search (Lucene engine) with localization support.
    • Table of contents pane with collapsible toc tree.
    • Autosynchronization of content pane and TOC.
    • TOC and search pane implemented without the use of a frameset.
  • We're already in DocBook -- we just apply the WebHelp stylesheets instead of HTML Help.
  • Frameless web documents should mean easy implemention of context-sensitive help.
I propose using WebHelp for the site Manual and Tour as well.

I'm working on a WinMerge Help demo, along with a set of Ant scripts for cross-platform manual builds, hope to have something to show soon.

What do you think -- is this the way to go?

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