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Business model for WinMerge

Postby bardley » Wed Jul 19, 2017 4:24 pm

My apologies in advance if this post does not actually belong in the 'Open Discussion'. I am new and do not have a sense for how or where to ask an unusual but important question.

I am in full swing with a new development project and, I totally like the quality of WinMerge, and it's supporting website! What I am wondering about is how to pay the bills for my future organization. So, my observation is that WinMerge is making the world a better place, not only with a useful and valuable product, but with the website also ( and it's people seem like ideal citizens, and I am wondering if I can adopt some of the same approaches to advertising (make the adds less conspicuous, not animated, etc...). Does this pay the bills?

I just recently visited the Wikipedia website, and I am very annoyed by the kind of plea that I just saw for financial help. I would much rather see impersonal adds than something directed at me that I find hard to ignore, even though I cannot contribute currently to the site. If your bills are being paid, this is something I would like to hear more about. If the effort is a "labor of love" and no one is able to make their living from developing the tool (I'd be shocked if this were the case) then I (and maybe other readers of this post) will need to think of some other approach to monetization.
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