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Refresh the display

Postby tenbob » Tue Feb 20, 2018 4:53 pm

Hi. As a new user I want to find the differences between two folder trees on my PC. I set up the left and right sides to point to the folders and immediately see a whole lot of differences marked 'Text files are different'. When I double click to bring up the files they look the same to me. But after reading the help I decide there must be some subtle difference in the white space or line endings that I can't see. I change the preferences so such differences are all ignored.

Nothing much happens. Well, perhaps you need to refresh the display to see the effect. So I hit the refresh button. The main display still says 'Text files are different'. But now the side-by-side file comparison shows the files are identical.

So what's going on? The main display shows around 100 files marked 'Text files are different'. But every time I click one it says 'The selected files are identical'. I've obviously strayed into a part of the universe where 'different' and 'identical' mean the same thing.

Long story short. Apparently the refresh button doesn't actually refresh the main file comparison display. The only way to refresh this is to go back to the file-open dialog and open the folders again. I must have wasted about an hour trying to understand this. Could I propose to the devs that the refresh button is made to refresh everything on the screen.

Otherwise a very useful program. Thanks to all.
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