Need to identify files that didn't copy

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Need to identify files that didn't copy

Postby MrD » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:23 pm

Hi all, I just joined the WinMerge forum, so here's my first post.

Hopefully someone will have an idea for what I'd like to achieve :-)

I have a drive that has a single folder containing 2.9 million files of various types.
The files were copied into folders that contain 2000 files each. I achieved this with a script that created each folder and subsequently copied the chunks of files.
When the script completed I compared the number of files on each drive. Unfortunately 74,579 files failed to copy, however I have no idea why or which files are missing.

This is where I hope WinMerge can help.
As created by the script, the destination drive now contains 1453 folders with 2000 files in each. (The script also created a bunch of folders that are empty)
Is it possible to determine which files in folder A (which has all 2.9m files in it) are missing from the destination drive.

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